Specific Actionable Challenges (SACs)

During each EGC, members collaborate to address a current challenge that is relevant to all.  Through shared learning, diverse perspectives and accountability for action after the EGC, leaders have successfully:

  • Aligned teams to achieve key results
  • Transformed culture to build an agile, future-ready organization
  • Empowered employees to embrace change
  • Gained $1 million in funding for innovation venture
  • Learn from EGA members’ experience in addressing Specific Actionable Challenges

Through work in EGCs, members have addressed SACs including:

Culture Shift to Develop an Open Innovation Environment

Customer Loyalty Through Transition from Product to Service

Shift in Business Model to Create D2C Recurring Revenue

Co-creation of new solution leading to incremental revenue

Accelerating organizational change

Developing Loyalty and Family Culture Post COVID-19

Gaining top leadership buy-in for a new business model

Designing future-ready recruitment to attract top talent

Building Sustainable Culture in Hybrid

Creating Environment of Success for Self and Team

Building a Successful New Business Venture