Specific Actionable Challenges (SACs)

During each EGC, members collaborate to address a current challenge that is relevant to all.  Through shared learning, diverse perspectives and accountability for action after the EGC, leaders have successfully:

  • Aligned teams to achieve key results
  • Transformed culture to build an agile, future-ready organization
  • Empowered employees to embrace change
  • Gained $1 million in funding for innovation venture
  • Learn from EGA members’ experience in addressing Specific Actionable Challenges

Through work in EGCs, members have addressed SACs including:

Accelerating organizational change

Building a Successful New Business Venture

Building Sustainable Culture in Hybrid

Co-creation of new solution leading to incremental revenue

Creating Environment of Success for Self and Team

Culture Shift to Develop an Open Innovation Environment

Customer Loyalty Through Transition from Product to Service

Designing future-ready recruitment to attract top talent

Developing Loyalty and Family Culture Post COVID-19

Gaining top leadership buy-in for a new business model

Shift in Business Model to Create D2C Recurring Revenue