Business Need:

  • Turn a new circular rope venture into a successful business with the objective of achieving $1M in annual revenue in Year 1
  • Ensure that the company is future-proofed through scalable revenue model, access to committed customers and partners.

Specific Actionable Challenge:

What do I need to do to establish and build a company to turn the idea of circular ropes into a sustainable business with long-term positive impact on the environment?


  • Learned from others in new ventures AND other recyclers/startups
  • New business partners/contacts from different industries ready to collaborate and invest
  • Valuable insights in how to structure the revenue model


  • Successful negotiations with shipowners thanks to insights from EGC
  • A new opportunity to join a startup incubation program to hyper accelerate the company growth
  • Achieved real momentum with the startup and well positioned to reach the revenue goal of $1M
  • SAC Owner’s comments: “I am overwhelmed by the level of support I’ve received from the EGA community”