About Thought Leaders who Speak Out Circles

We are at a tipping point of change (geopolitically, technologically, environmentally). Professional speakers bring inspiration and insights people can use to co-create the future.  The most successful speakers are also thought leaders – in leadership, professional development, motivation, communications (and more) and they are in high demand as keynote speakers, master class leaders and conference moderators.

Are you a thought leader who is committed to building or enhancing your professional speaking business – to generate greater revenue AND have more impact?   The EGA Thought Leaders Speak Out (TLSO) Circle will give you inspiration, tools, accountability for success and co-collaborator as you:

  • Book more speaking engagements
  • Increase your speaker fees and the number of engagements booked per year?
  • Gain clients, awareness and sustainable business globally

If so, join the vibrant global community of other Thought Leaders who Speak Out.

Through regular, facilitated collaboration on a purpose-built (circles) platform, open committed brave speakers to share learnings and work together to address Specific Actionable Challenges (SACs) such as:

  • How do I really position myself/craft message to standout and be remembered?
  • What is most effective in getting gigs ie sales techniques that work?
  • How can I add humor and entertaining elements into serious content ie move into infotainment to drive more bookings?

Prior to each Thought Leaders Speak Out (TLSO) Circle, the facilitator works with one member with a specific (immediate) challenge (that is relevant to all members) to develop the SAC.  During the 2 hour (online) TLSO Circle, all members share their learnings, experiences (what has worked and what has failed) in addressing similar challenges.

All members leave the Circle committed to take action to apply the insights and inspiration gained from the session in their own speaking business.  Through this process, members have:

  • Moved from the lowest rank in their category to #1 within a year.
  • Refocused, refined and tripled revenues in months.
  • Collaborated to launch new ‘recurring revenue’ offerings and services

Are you Open Committed Brave and ready to grow your speaking business?

If so, get in touch with Jennifer Vessels – jvessels@executivegrowthalliance.com to apply.