Business Need:

  • Slow growth in customers and sales post COVID-19 pandemic
  • Needed to rebuild the employee motivation and engagement to achieve high performance, despite remote working
  • Due to recent merger, needed to establish one culture and ways of working across the organization

Specific Actionable Challenge:

How to build and maintain a company culture of family-feeling and high performance to achieve goals in Post COVID -19 world?


  • Insights on how to align people’s personal and company values
  • Framework to empower people; define culture; agree on USPs and have top leaders own the challenge (3C Framework)
  • Coaching on how to best hold 1-1s sessions with seniors to understand their desires; gain their support in building success


  • Member incorporated EGC insights and went on to hold 1:1 with leadership team and a company-wide retreat
  • Updated the company USP and restructured teams to better serve the customer
  • 30% increase in sales and 100% increase in employee satisfaction
  • Went on to successfully complete two more mergers

SAC Owner’s feedback: “I leave each EGC energized and inspired. Gaining global perspectives and accountability for application of learning in the real world is highly unique to EGA.”