About the Global Alliance Community

Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) members connect with global thought leaders, change agents and peers to address challenges, share perspectives, exchange knowledge, access resources, and gain inspiration. Through structured collaboration with peers, members identify and act on co-creation opportunities – developing new solutions, breaking down barriers for enhancing customer experience and improving supply chain efficiencies.

The EGA Community also provides access to researchers, investors, local networks and events in Silicon Valley, London and other global innovation hubs.  The latest research, analyst views and reports on topics of relevance to EGA members are provided through EGA collaboration with CBInsights, IDC and TechCrunch and Stanford, the online community provides access to the latest research and knowledge on relevant topics.

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“We are living in unprecedented times in which the traditional rules no longer apply. Historically, in crisis  people come together as a community to learn from and support one another. Globally business leaders who participate in peer groups navigated through challenges more quickly and successfully than those who have gone it alone.  The Executive Growth Alliance uniquely applies the power of peers to address local requirements while impacting global systemic issues in areas such as agriculture,  transportation, environment, health and industry.”
Leo Bottary, Author - Power of Peers

Paradigm Shifted: How Global Leaders Thrive Through Change

The Results

EGA members have transformed business models, adopted open innovation principles, shifted corporate cultures, and gained confidence as future-ready leaders. Successes have included:

  • Growth from lowest performance in sector to highest in 18 months
  • Idea to beta for innovation collaboration between two public sector entities in 9 months
  • Aware of $1 million for spin out of investment venture


“Business leaders today have a lot to learn when it comes to business innovation, transformation and scaling. Through EGA Membership, Norwegian mobility providers have gained insights and inspiration to align their organizations with future needs and to develop next-generation digital solutions.”

– Trond Hovland, CEO, ITS Norway

Increase in Revenue
Employee Engagement Growth
Reduction in Time to Market
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