About Executive Growth Circles

EGA members collaborate on uniquely designed Executive Growth Circles digital platform using our proven methodology for peer learning and leadership development. Global leaders from Europe, UK, Nordics, Africa, Middle East, Americas and Asia bring diverse culture and industry perspectives to each EGC as they address real-world challenges and co-create new opportunities.

Paradigm Shifted: How Global Leaders Thrive Through Change

When transformation become a necessity, 85 corporate executives committed to success through working in Executive Growth Circles to learn, co-create and implement culture shift, agile leadership, new business models, digitalization and innovative solutions.

What happens during an EGC?

In each EGC, members share key learnings and experiences to address a Specific Actionable Challenge (SAC) – a real-world issue faced by one of the EGA members. This can be a challenge, requirement or an opportunity that he/she faces in the real world.

During the two-hour circle, member collaborate, share insights, resources and what they would personally do if they were in the SAC owner’s shoes.

The EGA Catalyst facilitates the discussion and ensures all angles, ideas and possibilities are explored.  Members then commit to taking action to apply the insights and inspiration they gained during the EGC in their own companies / jobs / lives.

Through work in EGCs, see what SACs members have addressed.

“Insight and perspective of peers who bring diverse perspectives is critical when faced with complex innovation challenges.” 
Siddi Wouters, RaboBank
“EGA membership is more important than ever to get out ‘the box’; gain insight and perspective. This is a highly unique way to understand how others in different countries are dealing with change and innovation.”
Dan Robinson, Hill Medical
“My success in rebuilding the team and increasing revenue and reputation for BCW is due in large part to the insights and support I have gained through my EGA membership.”
Kristian Sarastuen, BCW Nordic
 “I leave each Executive Growth Forum with energy, inspiration and action to move forward into the future with confidence and peer support.”
Thomas Kohl, LinkMobility
 “By working with real-world cases and sharing our actual learnings (successes and failures) in Executive Growth Circles, we learn ‘real time’ while actively taking initiatives forward.”
Rune Johansen, Technip FMC
 “The EGA is the only place I can really share what doesn’t work with trusted peers – this has been highly instrumental in development as a leader – way more valuable than a course or study group.”
Tara Sticker, ProMed

Join an Upcoming EGC

Want to experience the Power of Peers by collaborating with global leaders in and EGC? See the schedule of upcoming Circles and apply for a space. Our Catalyst will be in touch to complete your qualification.