Business Need: 

Hire and develop a sustainable leadership team, allowing founder to drive the business forward through fundraising and strategic leadership.


  • Identified under-performers in current team
  • Defined three key roles for future
  • Reached out to network for potential candidates

Obstacles to Success:

  • Time needed to manage out under-performers
  • Limited funding for salaries to attract quality hires
  • Unsure of methods to evaluate candidates


Select and onboard mid/senior level team members to take on daily responsibilities allowing founder to drive company’s growth


  • Insight on new ways to address compensation issues
  • Techniques to effectively deal with under-performers
  • Inspiration to step back, consider objectives and plan hires around long term goals.


  • On-boarded operations, supply chain and content editor – highly qualified and skilled team members
  • Managed out under-performers in a win/win manner
  • Stronger culture through releasing toxic people (under-performers)