If you are an open, passionate, brave leader, committed to future success for yourself, your organization and the planet, apply now for EGA membership…through

  1. Completion of Future Ready Qualification Assessment
  2. Qualification call with an EGA Certified Catalyst
  3. Completion of Membership Agreement (see Community Membership Sample Agreement)

What do I gain as member?

  1. Participation in Executive Growth Circles with 4-10 peers facing similar challenges, opportunities and goals
  2. Inspiration, coaching and accountability to succeed in a rapidly changing future
  3. Peer learning, mentoring, global connections and exploration of new research, solutions and resources
  4. Access to world renowned leaders, research, knowledge, learning labs and innovators
  5. Get Future Ready Now summits to share ideas with global experts, visionaries and leaders
  6. Innovation Expeditions to co-create new solutions to drive systemic change

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

EGA Membership Options

Open, Committed, Brave leaders who are qualified for EGA Membership can choose between Group Membership or Community Membership.

What’s Included
Group Membership
Community Membership
Commitment Annual Quarterly
Executive Growth Circles (EGC) Virtual or In-Person  6-12 per year (defined by Group and Catalyst) Monthly virtual Executive Growth Circles
Themes/Topics Variable based on group interest 10 themes defined by EGA
Additional EGCs Included in premium membership Available for added fee
Member Suppport Catalyst 1-1 Follow-up Catalyst Sac (Case) Development
Executive Growth Alliance Summits Included Member Pricing
Innovation Expeditions Prioritized Availability Based on Availability
Executive Growth Alliance Community Access Full Access Full Access
Investment $6000 per year (USD) $300 per month (USD)