The World is Changing Rapidly.

Are You Ready for the Future?

The World is Changing Rapidly.

Are You Ready for the Future?

Business as usual is no longer possible.

Leaders must adapt, innovate & empower diverse teams to deliver – sustainably. Future readiness requires Perspective Exploration, Action, Collaboration, and Empowerment.

Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) connects global leaders who are open to new ideas, committed to success and brave enough to think differently. Working in Executive Growth Circles, they collaborate to address real-world Specific Actionable Challenges.  Through the proven EGA process, they learn from one another, see ‘blindspots’, gaining global cross-industry insights and co-create a future-ready organizations.

“EGA fueled my success as CEO of BCW Nordics – moving from lowest ranking to #1 location within 2 years.”

– Kristian Sarastuen

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

“My lifelong dream was to have positive impact on the environment.  Through my work in EGA, I am now living that dream – as CEO of C-Loop which was born directly from my work within EGA.” 

Tore Strand, C-Loop CEO

“When I look back over the past year I am amazed at how much I have gained and learned through my work in EGA – way beyond my expectations.” 

Oystein Bach, Novartis

When I joined EGA I had very high expectations, and it has exceeded them in all ways. 

Christy Ross

EGA is extremely valuable – it provides unique opportunity to gain global insight, collaborate on relevant challenges and gain confidence.  Thanks to EGA I am future-ready.

Thomas Kohl

In today’s challenging business environment,  collaborating with peers dealing with similar challenges has led to breakthrough innovations.

Ana Haakanson

The Executive Growth Alliance gives me inspiration and insights to take action to drive change in my own company – way more than any network, course, association or conference.

Jon Martin Tajford

How it works

EGA members virtually collaborate regularly to address real business challenges in a facilitated Executive Growth Circles, using our purpose-build digital collaboration platform and certified Power of Peers methodology to:

  • Co-create solutions to Specific Actionable Challenges (SAC)
  • Challenge each other to think outside the box
  • Collaborate sharing learnings and holding one another accountable to take action
  • Commit, take action and achieve business results

Leaders who collaborate with peers to address common challenges have demonstrated 35% greater resiliency through business changes. By working with leaders from different industries, locations, environments, EGA members gain greater insights while building an international network of co-creators of the future.

Matt Watson
Matt Watson

Head of Sales, Rystad Energy

“Future-readiness cannot be learned through a course or a book. EGA delivers measurable success through global collaboration, exploration and action.”

Thomas Anglero

Cognizant CTIO, Nordic

“Future-readiness cannot be learned through a course or a book. EGA delivers measurable success through global collaboration, exploration and action.”

Jonas Henni Norman

Chief Product Officer, Schneider Electric

“Through open, facilitated collaboration with global peers in a confidential setting, I have overcome obstacles and created a much stronger organization – ready for the future.”

Shantanu Narayen

CEO Adobe

“Increasingly, it‘s the collaboration between people and the ideas that bring together magic, its one of the best investments you can make.”

Are You Open, Committed and Brave to Create Future Success?

If so, apply to join Future-Ready EGA members for inspiration, collaboration and greater success.
Let’s create a new future together.

Gain Insight and Inspiration – Join a Executive Growth Circle

– Are you a business leader?

– Do you have ideas or concerns, future business growth, transformation, success?

– Would you like to learn, explore new approaches and co-create a better future?

Participation in an Executive Growth Circles is complementary for all open, brave leaders committed to future success.

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