Business Need:

  • The organization is a global shipping company
  • Needed to get senior leadership team to see value in a new product – circular rope
  • To establish a successful pilot and scale by creating a sense of urgency

Specific Actionable Challenge:

How can I, as a leader, create a sense of urgency and influence others (such as ship owners) to change behavior – for a positive impact on the environment and sustainable business?


  • Confidence to stand up and be the champion for change at the organization
  • Advice on how to structure passion into a project – SWOT, value chain, risks, budget, goals, requirements
  • Step-by-step approach for setting clear concrete goals and actionable plan for each week
  • Insights on how to make the senior leadership see the problem – ‘change or be changed’


  • Successfully launched the Circular rope project
  • Got invited to the UN Ocean Conference to present the project and inspire other global leaders
  • Got awarded a grant to launch and lead a new venture fully focused on sustainability