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The unique market drivers and business challenges pertaining to 2022 have further solidified the need for accelerated future readiness for forward-thinking for leaders and organizations alike. Nearly every industry has felt the need to reassess the operating model, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and devise new strategies hoping to reap the benefit in 2023 and beyond.

The most innovative leaders also realized that they can’t walk this journey alone and invested their time in 2022 in working on their specific actionable challenges (SACs), sharing experience and asking for advice of other global leaders committed to success.

Those, who did, reaped the benefit of global collaboration and innovation. Within Executive Growth Alliance, here are some SACs that leaders from around the world jointly solved in 2022:

  • How can I achieve organizational alignment around strategy in times of tight budgets
  • How can I build a future-ready recruitment function 
  • How can I create commitment to sustainability and change ways of working
  • How can I lead my organization through uncertainty
  • How can I plan my exit strategies and find the right successor
  • How can I as an individual choose the path of highest impact

…and others.

Now that we’re in the last quarter of 2022, it’s time to turn our eyes towards the future. Over the past few months, the EGA global leaders shared their goals, ambitions and challenges for the upcoming year and these goals and challenges are reflected in our new Executive Growth Circle plan for 2023. You can find the 23’ plan on the EGA website:

The emerging themes that are the top of mind for global EGA members are unsurprisingly centered around people, the shifts in human ambition, lifestyles and behaviors which translates into a need for a new approach to engaging employees. In 2023, we will work on Attracting Talent in the Hybrid world (7 March EGC), Building a Learning Organization (2 Feb EGC) and Leading People Through Constant Change (group SAC on 7 Sept).

Another strong theme is around designing organizational agility and withstanding the impact of the market forces (rising prices, cost pressures, fragile supply chains). Global leaders everywhere worry about how to achieve more with less and how to embed resilience into the day to day operations. In 2023, we will start the year with Navigating Organizational Change & Designing for Success (19 Jan EGC), Streamlining The Organization In Difficult Times (13 April EGC) and Achieving Strategic Alignment & Effective Prioritization (14 June EGC).

Lastly, the most forward-thinking leaders are also curious about the future promise of technology and its impact to every aspect of doing business. We are wrapping this year with an EGC around the Importance of the Metaverse to an Organization (22 Nov) and in 2023, we will work on a group SAC of Life3.0 & What it means for humans? (22 March).

The slots for the next year are filling up fast so if you are ready to work on your future-ready success in 2023, now it’s the right time to make the first step. Get in touch to with me to find out more.

What are some of the themes and actionable challenges that you / your organization are gearing up towards in 2023?