Join an Executive Peer Circle

Through collaboration in facilitated peer circles, global leaders committed to future success:

To experience the power of global peer collaboration, apply for space in an upcoming Executive Growth Circle.

Space is limited. Apply now to learn, explore and create your new future.

8:30 AM CET 9:00 AM CET 6:00 PM CET / 9AM PT
October 2022 19th – Maintaining Culture & Values in a Rapidly Scaling Organization 12th – Aligning Organization Through OKRs
November 2022 22nd – Entering the Metaverse as an Organization 9th – Choosing a Path with Highest Impact as an Individual
January 2023 18th – Group SAC: Planning for business success in 2023
February 2023 21st – Dealing With Rapid Growth 2nd – Building a Learning Organization
March 2023 7th – Attracting Talent in Hybrid 16th – Group SAC: Life3.0 & What it means for humans?
April 2023 13th – Organizational Agility In Practice
May 2023 10th – Business Case For Sustainability

After you indicate when and why you are interested in working in an EGC, one of our Catalyst will schedule a short call to best prepare you for an engaging, inspiring experience.  

We look forward to our work preparing you for success through PEACE:

Purpose and perspective for future growth
Exploration of new opportunities
Actions leaders are taking to address new market needs and rebuild
Collaboration partners to support your growth
Empowerment to take action for future success
“WOW – you all and this experience has told restructured my business – I am in a much better position today.” 
Kristian Sarastuen, BCW
“I leave each EGC energized and inspired. Gaining global perspectives and accountability for application of learning in the real world is highly unique to EGA.”
Bernhard Ohlsen, Pearl Group
“Now more than ever, we need to gain insight from others then adopt and adapt best practices to succeed in changing future. I gain critically important experience, collaboration partners and confidence through the EGA.”
Christian Ogaarden , Avinor
 “By connecting with other executives to drive change internally and leveraging the global resources available through the EGA, we have achieved new levels of future-readiness.”
Endre Sundal, Entur
“EGA provides huge value for small amount of money – through interaction, real-time learning and inspiration to really innovate.”
Sara Huranger, Sutter Health