Executive Growth Forums

Executive Growth Alliance members collaborate quarterly with peers in Executive Growth Forums to address real world innovation challenges, share ideas and identify opportunities for co-creation of future success.

Forums are organized by ecosystem to maximize relevance of discussions and collaboration opportunities.

During each 3 hour forum, group participants (8-16 leaders from non-competitive companies) work together to address real world situations.

For each Executive Growth Forum, one member prepares a case which can be a challenge or opportunity to enhance the future-readiness of their organization.

Recent cases have included:

  • How to initiate a business model transformation (product to service)

  • Techniques for shifting from distribution value chain to collaborative value network

  • Ways to gather greater end customer insight and understand future needs

  • How to build an innovative, learning culture within a traditional business

  • How can we collaborate in a value network to deliver a seamless end-to end traveler journey?

Through facilitated discussion, all participants contribute, gain insight on how they can address similar challenges and leave with key actions they will take to apply learning in their own organization.

Between forums, members are encouraged to meet, discuss and work together for future-readiness. Through open sharing of what has worked or not, all members learn ‘real time’, as the collective group becomes future-ready.

“Collaboration during the Executive Growth Forums led to a highly successful new digital solution with significantly less cost and faster time to market than required for previous initiatives.”
If you are a business leader interested in future success,  contact us regarding participation in an upcoming Executive Growth Forum.