During Executive Growth Circles, using the world’s most progressive platform uniquely designed for peer learning, EGA members globally collaborate to resolve challenges or define ways to leverage opportunities. In advance of each EGC, the Catalyst (leader certified by EGA) selects one member to bring the sak– a real-world challenge that is impacting their business and relevant for the other members.

The sak in a recent Leadership Circle centered on obstacles to motivating employees to
embrace organizational change and grow in new ways. All members of the group were facing
similar challenges in employee engagement to achieve continuous improvement during change.

From the facilitated discussion during the EGC:

● All noted importance of embracing individuality – understand each employee’s
motivations, desires, needs and manage each differently
● Agreement that employees’ taking pride in their work within the organization leads to
better performance as employees feel more attached to their responsibilities
● Recognition that getting to know employees on a personal level can facilitate the ability
to determine what could motivate each of them

Overall, the Circle recognized that motivating an entire team can be especially challenging, as
motivating factors differ on an individual level. For this reason, all members agreed that getting
to know all employees on a deeper level increases motivation by creating a more personal
connection and enabling the leader to unify based on common interests.

At the conclusion of the EGC, all members left with Committed Actions including scheduling 1-
1s with their employees, reconsidering and individualizing incentive programs, and rethinking
performance metrics.

Through peer collaboration and accountability for application of insights in the real world and
Committed Actions at the end of each EGC, leaders gain Future-Readiness through motivated
employees, high performance culture, and agile leadership approaches.

Executive Growth Alliance is a global community of Open Committed Brave leaders who
collaborate to prepare for the future. Through facilitated peer circles, they address common challenges and co-create new opportunities – gaining leadership skills, confidence, partnerships; enhanced corporate sustainability, while creating a greater future.