Executive Growth Circles

EGA members use proven Power of Peers methodology to address real-world challenges, co-create opportunities and scale innovations during Executive Growth Circles.

Through the use of Circles, the world’s most progressive platform uniquely designed for peer learning and collaboration, EGA group members globally can participate globally from home, office, the beach or anywhere.

Prior to each EGC, the catalyst works with one member to prepare the SAC (a Specific Actionable Case ie. a challenge or opportunity that a member is facing in the real world which is relevant to the other members). All members receive advance information on the SAC and show up prepared to share their real-world experiences and learnings.

During the two-hour EGC, the Catalyst facilitates the discussion and the solution of the SAC (a real-world issue brought to the circle by a member) and ensures all members leave with a commitment to take action to explore, implement and learn from new approaches prior to the next monthly EGC.

See what they have achieved:

EGA Delivers Results

Schneider Electric Innovation Leader

 “I leave each Executive Growth Forum with energy, inspiration and action to move forward into the future with confidence and peer support”
Thomas Kohl, LinkMobility
 “By working with real-world cases and sharing our actual learnings (successes and failures) in Executive Growth Circles, we learn ‘real time’ while actively taking initiatives forward.”
Rune Johansen, Technip FMC
 “The EGA is the only place I can really share what doesn’t work with trusted peers – this has been highly instrumental in development as a leader – way more valuable than a course or study group.”
Tara Sticker, ProMed