Executive Growth Alliance  accelerates future-readiness for Fortune 500 companies, leaders and communities by addressing complex global challenges across ecosystems (Transportation, Environment, Health, Industry Disruption) through peer collaboration.

Bersin studies of the Knowing/Doing Gap show that within one month of a training program over 85% of the knowledge is lost – unless it is immediately applied.  The knowing/doing gap has a direct impact on a company’s ability to achieve a return on its training investment.

Executive Growth Alliance founders know that learning today must be real time, meaning the corporate executive gains knowledge of a best practice or techniques needed to drive innovation from an outside source (class, study trip, conference, peer group) and then applies this to his/ her real-world challenges. Learning, then occurs when he/she experiences the results of their implementation.

Future-Ready Education

With the accelerating pace of change, learning is no longer linear or tied to an educational institution or course. Knowledge can be acquired via courses, potentially offered through YouTube /Kahn Academy/ TEDx, but skills are developed and learning occurs through application, practice, adaptation and collaboration.

Executive Growth Alliance members learn collectively in real time through collaboration on member cases during quarterly Executive Growth Forums.  They take action to implement, co-invent with other members, and explore alternatives for future-readiness between forums and learning new ways to approach shared challenges.

Results Achieved By Members during the EMEA Pilot:

Tangible results achieved by members (through shared learning, accountability / commitment to action and collaboration between forums) include:

  1. Digital solution design to launch in less than 9 months
  2. Corporate to SME joint venture collaboration
  3. Increased innovation team productivity
  4. Enhanced leadership confidence
  5. Streamlined customer data access
  6. Future-ready distribution value network
  7. Norway to EMEA and Silicon Valley alliances for research exchange, technology transfer

Executive Growth Forum Cases in EMEA Pilot have Included:

  • Innovation Project Stagnation to Growth – Transition from Supply-side to Customer Driven Innovation
  • Scaling the Innovation – Recovery from Dead Pilot Syndrome
  • Innovation Team/Spinout measured for achievement of traditional revenue milestones
  • Business Model Shift – from transactional sales to recurring as a service revenue model
  • Enhancing customer experience through co-invention of digital app
  • Defining, coinventing and offering service to gain customer loyalty

Additional Executive Growth Forum Cases leading to tangible results include:

  • Transitioning from the Lab to Core Solution Distribution
  • Gaining adoption of a digital solution
  • Do I need an app? Yes AND it should be integrated with others in value network
  • Innovation success achieved through joint ‘co-development’ of a digital solution by two legacy (publicly owned) Executive Growth Alliance members. Their collaboration in Executive Growth Forum led to design, development and successful piloting of digital services in 9 months (versus the 9 years both companies noted would have been required using traditional methods).
  • Innovation ‘spin out’ from Legacy Company
  • Value Chain Distribution to Value Network
  • Collaboration with Large Global B2C Player
  • Business Model Transformation – how to move from product vendor to service provider with annual recurring revenue
  • Defining and building seamless customer journey – to preclude disruption
  • Gaining Executive Support for Innovation Project
  • Data sharing across the ecosystem (in a world of GDPR)
  • Digital Announcement by CEO: Now What
  • Shift the business model / positioning from supplier to service provider

Why Norway?

Norway is an ideal location for initial global chapter of the Executive Growth Alliance based on following factors:

The culture of Norway is build on trust which is critical component of collaboration and participation in the Executive Growth Alliance. It offers much value, investment and commitment to sustainability of environment, lifestyle, agriculture, marine and health – all areas that require global collaboration and corporate responsibility.

Norway has high level of digitalization (which is also a key aspect of future-readiness), education levels and global understanding. Norway is recognized as ‘central objective’ connection for Europe and Americas in areas such as environment, peace process, etc. Not but not the least, Norway’s 5 million residents creates a context for bringing together people who share similar challenges within an ecosystem.

If you are a business leader interested in future success,  contact us regarding participation in an upcoming Executive Growth Forum.