Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step, talks about her latest initiative, called Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) to Leo Bottary and Randy Cantrell on their recent podcast “What Anyone Can Do” on “The Big Picture”.

In this podcast, they discuss about Jennifer’s proactive, systems thinking approach towards future-readiness. EGA works to assemble and facilitate groups of peers who are part of a common ecosystem (transportation, health, etc).



The Executive Growth Alliance was formed by Next Step in Silicon Valley to accelerate corporate future-readiness by bringing leaders of traditional businesses together in small peer groups to collaborate, co-create and take action to prepare for future growth – locally, regionally and globally. It applies the Power of Peers i.e. a trusted peer community working together to solve common challenges to the global corporate need for ‘future-readiness’.

Executive Growth Alliance members have collaborated, co-invented solutions and addressed challenges such as:

  • Ways to develop a learning culture to drive innovation in traditional organization
  • Shifting the business model from product vendor to service provider
  • Value of distributors and partner in digital world
  • Understanding customers’ future needs and motivators
  • Scaling innovation project beyond the pilot

Know more about the Executive Growth Alliance Summit in Oslo (28 August, 2019), contact Jennifer directly at – or visit our website.

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