The unprecedented speed and impact of change experienced by leaders during the COVID-19 crisis demonstrated the need for innovation, agility, fast-action and collaboration.

EGA connects open, committed, brave leaders with similar challenges and opportunities. Through proven peer collaboration and learning process, they overcome challenges, co-create new solutions and gain future-readiness.

Since the start of COVID-19 crisis (March 2020), global business leaders across agriculture, consumer, education, energy, finance, health, industrial, media, travel, transportation industries have achieved measurable results through participation in Executive Growth Circles.

Future Ready Opportunities Ahead in the New Future

Through EGA participation, future-ready leaders have leveraged proven peer learning to:

  1. Transform services, products and business model to address radically different customer needs and behaviors in the ‘new normal’
  2. Leverage the rapidly accelerated technology implementation and operational changes required by their teams to maintain business during the COVID 19 crisis
  3. Build on the agility and speed at which employees adapted, collaborated and worked productively in non-ideal conditions in order to create new services, structures and opportunities
  4. Accelerate innovation initiatives due to reduced friction between innovation and ‘business as usual’
  5. Commit to continue flexible work-from-home culture to enhance employees’ work/life integration and serve global customers in new (and better) ways