Covid-19 forced people to change while improving digitalization efforts within organizations. It is important to address how these last 6 months have impacted people to ensure their health and psychological safety.
At Executive Growth Alliance, we accelerate future readiness for forward-thinking business leaders, by bringing them together, to share insights, and gain inspiration. EGA group members can participate in Executive Growth Circles (virtually/in-person) to work on real-world challenges or opportunities with a catalyst.

During our Executive Growth Circle for the Open Innovation Culture Group, members wanted to understand how they can approach reorganization to ensure serving the new environment or stakeholders. It is equally important to preserve the growth by promoting an agile culture and keeping people motivated to step up and using the change as an opportunity. EGC brought forth certain surprising realizations among the members such as –

  • They could have changed a team member’s decision of leaving the company if they had followed up effectively.
  • How it is important to leverage honesty to move forward as deep uncertainty changes people’s behavior
  • When confronted with crisis people tend to step-up and feel closer to the community while making deeper connections in personal and professional life.
  • This pandemic has forced organizations and people to review their existing values to address important

The most valuable learning is to understand how people’s lives and roles have changed and how it’s affecting them. It has become essential that we find a structure in the chaos and don’t lose sight of our people.

Some of the key points from the facilitated discussion during the EGC:

  • The organizational and personal approach should focus on making people feel safe, valued and engaged
  • Communicate effectively as people will need a lot more information than expected
  • Change is a crisis, but we need to stay open to evolutions
  • Focus on the big picture while introducing new goals and understanding the scope of change
  • Review existing processes to encourage an agile culture
  • Gather customer feedback and use it as a driver for change

Leaders should see the big picture while learning from the start-ups who are demonstrating agility. It will help in meeting KPIs and fully understanding the scope of the change.

There is great value in bringing young people with new perspectives to drive sustainable change and work across silos. Sometimes people need other people for motivation. The answer to growth can be found in connecting with individuals and understanding different perspectives.

Through peer collaboration and sharing similar experiences, you can also become Future-Ready. If you would like to learn more about reorganization to ensure serving the new environment, then let’s talk!