Who manages the data?

Next Step Growth, Inc. manages all information for our existing and potential customers, alliances, contacts and Executive Growth Alliance members.

What is the purpose?

We request information from web visitors, clients, Executive Growth Alliance members and event participants in order to offer and provide events, roundtable forums and consulting services.

What personal information is processed?

What personal information is collected depends on the purpose for which it will be used and we will not collect more than necessary. When a contact registers for an event or requests information from Next Step or the Executive Growth Alliance, we use the full name, company, job title, telephone number, email address to most effectively respond to their request. Any requested information is for their business activities not personal information.

Where is the information obtained?

Any information stored is attained through the contact person’s interaction with or expressed interest in interaction with Next Step or the Executive Growth Alliance through our marketing activities, consultants, client engagements or events. Next Step only sends information to people who have actively provided us with their information. We do not purchase, access or seek to acquire any third party information.

Is information disclosure voluntary?

Yes, information about a contact is not required to do business with Next Step or the Executive Growth Alliance.

Is the information provided to third parties?

No.  All contact information provided to Next Step remains in our secure CRM system and is not provided to third parties. The only exception to this is when a contact registers and pays for an event through a third party payment system (such as Checkin, EventBrite or Paypal) the relevant information for this transaction is stored with that third party which supports the most update PSD standards.

How are the information deleted and archived?

At anytime, a contact may unsubscribe from communications.

What rights does the individual and which country’s legislation apply?

As registered in the Next Step database, you have the right to access and delete all information we have about you.

How is the information secured?

Your personal information will be stored with password protection on ACT Online and in Constant Contact.