Business leaders are faced with a difficult challenge in today’s rapidly changing environment: there are very few people they can rely upon for impartial advice.  Similarly, there are no traditional educational (universities, seminars, workshops) courses on ‘how to manage in and recover from a pandemic.

Leaders today need new ways to learn quickly as they navigate through uncertainty.  In addition, many seek connection to peers who share similar challenges, fears and questions about the future.

However, in a world of remote work, it’s just not that easy to find individuals with common challenges or who have solved similar issues in the past.   Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) uniquely curates groups of global leaders with common goals and needs to learn, collaborate and co-create new opportunities.

The EGA process is built on a proven methodology for creating successful com­munities of practice, a term coined by Etienne Wenger-Trayner and Jean Lave.  These are “Groups of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interact­ing on an ongoing basis”:

Unlike groups of friends who meet to work out an issue, conferences, training programs or consulting engagements, a Peer Group is led by a skilled peer learning facilitator certified to:

  • Prepare members for sharing challenging real-world cases
  • Use open-ended questions to promote active problem solving
  • Create social interdependence with clear goals for collaboration
  • Build an environment of trust, confidentiality, and transparency
  • Utilize tools for easy interaction so time is managed appropriately
  • Recap discussions so participants apply and continue learning after the session
  • Facilitate the process of shared (collective) learning during sessions
  • Ensure active participation and that all members are heard
  • Instil accountability for taking action
  • Encourage and support peer collaboration and alliances to develop new solutions and opportunities
  • Maintain the space, calendar and process for ongoing develop

EGA uniquely brings together global leaders who share a vision for change, growth and future success.

Through proven peer learning combined with diverse perspectives (gained from peers in similar roles but in different countries and industries), EGA members have achieved:

  • Leadership confidence, culture change, experience
  • Increased return on innovation investments
  • Faster time to market for new solutions
  • Improved decision making, productivity, prioritization
  • Enhanced competitiveness, customer loyalty and profitability

In a world of change, peer learning is more critical than ever before. Through working, exploring and learning together, leaders in small, midsize to large companies become ready for the future even in periods of rapid, dramatic change.