Executive Growth Forum Case Summary: Transportation, 2018

“In a world of rapidly increasing competition, understanding customer behavior and building loyalty is essential for future success.”



Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. Innovation by definition is an active process – of learning by doing, exploring, gaining confidence while trying, sometimes failing and adapting.

Executive Growth Forums act as a catalyst for innovation by offering a platform to EGA members for discussions on real-world cases, collaboration and application of gained insights into practical requirements.

Executive Growth Forum Format

EGFs are organized ecosystems which create maximum opportunity for effective discussions and collaboration options through the power of peers.

EGA members address real world business transformation needs through collaboration with 8-16 industry experts (from non-competitive companies) on common challenges and opportunities for Consumer Services, Health, Industry, Smart Environment and Transportation in Executive Growth Forums. For each Executive Growth Forum, one member prepares a case which can be a challenge or opportunity to enhance the future-readiness of their organization.

Case Problem: Transportation

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For many traditional companies such as Avinor, Flytoget and Bring, developing apps that will improve service delivery and information sharing between customers and suppliers (and gaining their adoption) is a critical starting point.

During an early 2018 Executive Growth Forum for Transportation, an Avinor case discussion included the following question –

“What kind of app will deliver unique value for the customer (travelers to Oslo)?”

This sparked a dialogue among the participants regarding the possible opportunity to take a collaborative approach to answer the question. Followed by an engaging discussion, all members worked together to define travelers needs across road, train, airport and airline communications. This collaboration offered a greater value to everyone–including their mutual customers.

“Future-readiness is achieved through collaboration, innovating in real time, by trying new approaches for service design, co-development and market entry.  This is what these Executive Growth Alliance Transport members accomplished.”

– Jennifer Vessels, Founder of Executive Growth Alliance


Two members committed to explore options for an integrated app and scheduled time for follow-up before the next forum.  Through a series of informal meetings and feedback from their peers during Executive Growth Forums, the two members defined and co-created a simple MVP of an app to enhance travelers’ experience with luggage delivery between the airport and home or hotel.

Their commitment to learning by doing and gaining feedback from peers throughout the process demonstrated future-ready innovation.


The two members successfully developed and piloted the unique, value-added application at the end of 2018.

They described their experience at Executive Growth Forums as – “A process that would have required up to 9 years of strategy meetings, mandates and reviews in a traditional setting, led to measurable results in 9 months – through the power of peer-to-peer collaboration.”

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