Innovation Expeditions

Future-readiness requires adaptability, confidence and commitment –achieved through experience. During Innovation Expeditions, selected EGA members participate in workshops, collaboration labs and executive symposiums in Silicon Valley, Israel, SE Asia ++.

EGA members are selected based on demonstration of innovation, growth mindset and commitment to work with peers globally to achieve utual value. Through preparatory work with EGA Catalysts, case development, and onsite collaboration, EGA members gain first-hand experience of Silicon Valley Style innovation culture, corporate to entrepreneurial interactions, while establishing ongoing dialogue for co-creation of future opportunities.

Innovation Expedition participants leave with:

  • Understanding of how to create an Innovation Culture

  • Startup accelerator, think tank, research center connections and experiences

  • Co-creation opportunities

  • Global relationships and perspectives

  • Commitment to take action

Why Participate in an Innovation Expedition?

Gain leadership skills, confidence, an innovative mindset and collaborative business relationships, leading to improved decision-making processes, faster time to market and increased future readiness.

Join our latest Innovation Expedition:

Get Ready Workshops, Onsite Activities in Silicon Valley and Take Action Workshop included.

To gain maximize results from the expedition, it is recommended that two people per company participate.

Contact us to apply for participation.