Innovation Expeditions

Real innovation and future-ready corporate cultures are best achieved through experience. Innovation Expedition include interactive meetings, hands-on workshops and immersion into the world of Silicon Valley.

Participants are selectively matched with Silicon Valley organizations and resources for which there can be mutual value. Through preparatory work with Executive Growth Alliance leaders to develop cases, workshop topics and pre-meetings, real collaboration happens during and after the expedition. Deleve the time onsite is maximized.

In Silicon Valley, participation in workshops with leaders of think tanks, accelerators, venture capital firms and corporate innovation labs, provides inspiration and hands-on insights to address real world challenges Delete. Through collaborative on-site engagement, EGA members gain first-hand experience of Silicon Valley innovation culture, corporate to entrepreneurial interactions, while establishing ongoing dialogue for co-creation of future opportunities.

Innovation Expedition participants leave with a deep understanding innovation ‘from the source’ and collaboration alliances for future-readiness.

2019 Silicon Valley Innovation Expedition

Topic areas to be explored include:

  • Smart environment solutions: Mobility, Autonomy, Urban Development, Automobiles

  • Machine learning / AI / Robotics – Applied to smart environment, mobility, consumer

  • Blockchain applications, new payment solutions, IoT and data security

  • Corporate innovation collaboration with entrepreneurial and scale up companies

Workshops, meetings and events are planned include:

  • Latest technologies workshop with leading data security, IoT, AI and blockchain portfolio companies of ClearVentures

  • Going Beyond the Hype  – Workshop on ‘how it really works’ with UC Berkeley and Hult University corporate innovation experts

  • Stanford Research Institute Workshop: Participation in SCAN trend analysis workshop on smart transportation, urban development,   blockchain, payment solutions

  • Workshops and collaborations with Corporate Innovation Labs (Gore, Google); International Startup Incubators (Shack15, Plug and Play)

  • Stanford Executive Entrepreneur Workshop / SAIL Symposium

Why Participate in an Innovation Expedition?

Executives gain leadership skills, confidence, an innovative mindset and collaborative business relationships, leading to improved decision-making processes, faster time to market and increased future readiness.

Join 2019 Innovation Expedition:

Get Ready Workshops, Onsite Activities in Silicon Valley and Take Action Workshop included.

To gain maximize results from the expedition, it is recommended that two people per company participate.

Contact us to apply for participation.