Innovation Expeditions

Through collaboration during and between Executive Growth Circles, EGA members identify new potential business opportunities for themselves, their organizations and the global community.

While relationships and ideas can be nurtured during Executive Growth Circles or Forums (not virtual circles or local in-person forums), long term alliances and product developments can be accelerated through hands-on workshops, learning labs and exploration sessions.

EGA Innovation Expeditions allow selected members to work ‘on-site’ with peers, researchers, thought leaders and policy makers in country or in innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley, Israel, SE Asia ++.

EGA members are selected for an Innovation Expedition through demonstration of innovation, growth mindset and commitment to work with peers to achieve mutual value. During the expedition, they participate in workshops, collaboration labs and executive symposiums with local companies, universities, research facilities and accelerators.

Innovation Expedition participants leave with:
  • Experience of working in and building an Innovation Culture

  • Entrepreneurial perspective from research to acceleration of new ideas

  • Connections and resources to expand co-creation opportunities

  • Tools, resources and knowledge to develop new innovations

  • Commitment to take action

Why Participate in an Innovation Expedition?

EGA members gain leadership skills, confidence, an innovative mindset and collaborative business relationships, leading to improved decision-making processes, faster time to market and increased future readiness.

 “Future readiness is learned thru the act of doing and driving digital transformation to what, how and when decisions are made.  The executive growth alliance uniquely facilitates this applied learning locally, regionally and globally.”
Cheryl Turja, Director Education Adobe