Future-readiness Starts with Adaptability

Future readiness today requires agility as a person, team and company. As Coronavirus is demonstrating, we can no longer expect ‘business as usual’.

Over the past weeks, we have seen hundreds of company events, global conferences, sporting events and meetings cancelled, postponed or moved to online discussions.

For leaders the long term effects on production, supply chains, financial systems and profitability are unknown. Economic recession and potential change in lifestyle for us global nomads is a real possibility – as a result of Coronavirus that was unheard of 2 months ago.

This is merely one example of the speed and magnitude of change which can happen in today’s world with accelerating technology, globalization, climate change and political unrest. Life, as usual, is no longer viable. We all need to be ‘future-ready’ – ready, able and excited about the opportunity to adapt, try new paths and explore the unknown.

It starts with recognizing that change is unavoidable.  From there, to prepare for the future:

  1. Gain new perspectives – from people outside your ‘normal realm’ – reach out to contacts in locations, industries, roles to discuss the future. What are they experiencing and doing to be prepared for changes to come?
  2. Let go of fear… If you need to work differently, communicate online instead of in person, postpone that trip, what’s the worst that happens?
  3. Look for the positives – sometimes challenge and pain makes us appreciate life more – look for the new opportunities which are created through change.
  4. Challenge yourself to do something different – each day.  It can be small such as taking a different route to work or eating lunch later than usual, but can begin to spark creativity and new ways of interacting with the world.

The future is here – as Coronavirus demonstrates, change happens quickly and globally. By gaining new perspectives, embracing the new opportunities created by change and challenging yourself to adapt daily, you can become future-ready.

For assistance in preparing for the future, let’s talk. It is possible – through exploration, collaboration, learning and commitment to action – as demonstrated by many participants in the Executive Growth Alliance and Next Step clients.

Author: Jennifer Vessels, Future-Ready Innovator and Founder of EGA, offers coaching, workshops and global peer circles to accelerate future-readiness for leaders.