Community Membership Agreement

Through this Community Membership Agreement

is a member of the Executive Growth Alliance global community, effective as of date of agreement submission and payment of membership fees.

This Agreement provides Member with:

  • Participation in Executive Growth Circles sharing key learnings, commitment to action, and open collaboration along with provision of Specific Actionable Challenges (SAC) for peer collaboration.
  • Opportunity to invite or delegate participation in EGCs to others in the company (with advanced agreement with the Catalyst).
  • Minimum of two Sounding Board (1-1) sessions per year with EGA catalyst to accelerate and reinforce learning as well as support implementation of committed actions.
  • Opportunities to expand awareness through curated articles, reports, training programs, digital seminars and summits.
  • Access and introductions to members, resources and contacts within the Executive Growth Alliance Global Community.

As a member of the Executive Growth Alliance, I agree to:

  • Participate actively, contributing openly and respectfully to provide value to peers in Executive Growth Circles.
  • Take action to implement learning and be prepared to share results in Executive Growth Circles.
  • Treat all information received from EGA or exchanged including Executive Growth Circles as confidential – not shared outside of EGCs unless agreed between all relevant parties for two years after termination of EGA Membership.
  • Respect the ‘no selling’ policy to develop long-term trusted relationships.
  • Payment of initial membership fee for initial three months followed by ongoing billing depending on the selected option (Organizational, Individual or Partial membership).
  • Monthly payments will be processed on the first day of each month until termination of the membership. Membership fees can be modified by EGA with 45 day notice to members.
  • Membership can be terminated by either the member or EGA with 45 days notice to allow closure and smooth transition of members within the community.
  • Limitation of Liability: The maximum liability of either party shall not exceed the amount of Member Fees paid during the 12 month period preceding the occurrence giving rise to such liability.

After completion and submission of the Community Membership Agreement and payment of fees, you will receive a welcome letter with information on Circle themes, members, and schedules as well as information on additional benefits.