Why Executive Growth Alliance?

In a world of rapid change and corporate disruption, business as usual is no longer sustainable. Future readiness requires Perspective Exploration, Action, Collaboration, and Empowerment.

EGA connects global leaders and enables them to achieve business success by learning from each others’ action, gaining insight, and working on their specific actionable challenges using proven, peer-based, outcome-focused approach.

“When I look back over the past year I am amazed at how much I have gained and learned through my work in EGA – way beyond my expectations.”

– Oystein Bach, Novartis

How does it work?

EGA is a global community of qualified Open Committed Brave leaders from different backgrounds but with a common goal – to be future-ready. EGA members collaborate regularly to address real business challenges in a facilitated Executive Growth Circles, using proven Power of Peers methodology to:

  • Co-create solutions to Specific Actionable Challenges (SAC)
  • Challenge each other to think outside the box
  • Collaborate with leaders from different countries, industries, backgrounds
  • Commit, take action and achieve business results.

As this is a truly global community, all is done virtually via a purpose-built platform.

“Business leaders today have a lot to learn when it comes to business innovation, transformation and scaling. Through EGA Membership, Norwegian mobility providers have gained insights and inspiration to align their organizations with future needs and to develop next-generation digital solutions.”

– Trond Hovland, CEO, ITS Norway

The Results

EGA members have transformed business models, adopted open innovation principles, shifted corporate cultures, and gained confidence as future-ready leaders. See what members have achieved here.


Increase in Revenue


Employee Engagement


Reduction in
time to market

#No 1

Market position

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