Executive Growth Alliance is a global community of business leaders committed to future success.

The Executive Growth Alliance was formed by Next Step in Silicon Valley to accelerate corporate future-readiness by bringing leaders of traditional businesses together in small peer groups to collaborate, co-create and take action to prepare for future growth – locally, regionally and globally.

It applies the Power of Peers i.e. a trusted peer community working together to solve common challenges to the global corporate need for ‘future-readiness’.

By working on real world cases in Executive Growth Forums, peer leaders from non-competing companies within a common ecosystem (Transportation, Health, Smart Environment,  Consumer Services, Industry) gain insight, inspiration and confidence to take action and adapt to change.

Executive Growth Alliance members have collaborated, co-invented solutions and addressed challenges such as:

  • Ways to develop a learning culture to drive innovation in traditional organization

  • Shifting the business model from product vendor to service provider

  • Value of distributors and partner in digital world

  • Understanding customers’ future needs and motivators

  • Scaling innovation project beyond the pilot

At the conclusion of each Executive Growth Forum and Summit, members leave with clear actions – to apply their learning.  Through open sharing of what worked and didn’t work to innovate, Alliance members collectively learn from one another’s experience– locally and globally.

 “Through the Executive Growth Alliance, I learn by openly sharing challenges and gaining input from my peers in a supportive environment.”
 “The insight and relationships I have built through the Executive Growth Alliance have led to many new initiatives and successful collaborations.”

Executive Growth Alliance – next generation of Power of Peers: The Big Picture with Leo Bottary