EGA is a community of Open, Passionate and Brave Leaders.

Future success requires change. EGA was formed in Silicon Valley to connect conscious committed leaders to future-success. Recognizing they can either change or be changed through new competitive, environmental, societal or technological developments , EGA members collaborate to explore, act on  and co-create solutions to real world challenges.

Using proven power of peers methodology, EGA members collaborate with a selected group of peers – leaders in different businesses facing similar challenges or opportunities.  During Executive Growth Circles (in person or virtual forums), EGA members:

  • Gain insights from peers facing similar challenges or opportunities

  • Challenge one another to explore, think differently and take action

  • Ask questions, revisit challenges and see new perspectives

  • Get solutions to real world business issues

  • Co-create new products, services, value networks

  • Develop global collaboration relationships and opportunities

  • Take action with accountability partners and peer support

Executive Growth Alliance members have collaborated, co-invented solutions and addressed challenges such as:

  • Ways to develop a learning culture to drive innovation in traditional organization

  • Shifting the business model from product vendor to service provider

  • Value of distributors and partner in digital world

  • Understanding customers’ future needs and motivators

  • Scaling innovation project beyond the pilot

At the conclusion of each Executive Growth Circle, , members leave with clear actions – to apply their learning.  Through open sharing of what worked and didn’t work to innovate, Alliance members collectively learn from one another’s experience– locally and globally.

 “Through the Executive Growth Alliance, I learn by openly sharing challenges and gaining input from my peers in a supportive environment.”
 “The insight and relationships I have built through the Executive Growth Alliance have led to many new initiatives and successful collaborations.”
 “Executive Growth Alliance membership provides unique opportunity to collaborate with peers in a confidential setting to address real world challenges and opportunities to enhance future business success. Unlike the many conferences and networking forums which we attend, Executive Growth Forums provide me with tangible insights, real-world practical support to drive measurable change in my business.”
Kjetil Ulving-Tufte, VP Business Development / Strategy, Schneider Electric
 “With increasing change in our traditional industry, I and my leaders knew we had to accelerate our innovation initiatives – the question was ‘how’. Through the EGA process, I gained valuable and actionable insights that would have taken years and much investment to gain in traditional ways.”
Martin deBaig, Yara
 “The Executive Growth Alliance brings together Norwegian and American business leaders in a unique collaborative learning environment, leveraging the power of peers to inspire innovation and foster creativity. AmCham is thrilled that Norway was selected as the first global location for this impactful and exciting Silicon Valley initiative, an initiative that will help build the dynamic cross-industry relationships that will power the future of the Norwegian economy.”
Jason Turflinger, MD, Amcham
 “Being an American from Silicon Valley, Jennifer sees Norwegians for what they are from an executive point of view. Our culture-based strengths should be developed, and our weakness pointed out and processed. We have a lot to learn when it comes to business innovation, transformation and scaling. Working with the “Executive Growth Alliance”, ITS Norway members have gained insights and inspiration to align their organizations with future needs and to develop next-generation digital solutions.”
Trond Hovland, CEO, ITS Norway
 “Today’s world is a uniquely big moment in history. The maps that have previously provided direction now longer work. The hard truth is: We’re lost and need to find new approaches to leadership. Through membership in the Executive Growth Alliance, forward-thinking executives collaborate in local and global peer groups to redefine and create new maps into the unknown future. Through this, they are addressing the underlying crisis of leadership for the future.”
Christopher Kutarna, Oxford Fellow, Author “Age of Discovery”
 “We are living in unprecedented times in which the traditional rules no longer apply. Historically, in crisis people come together as a community to learn from and support one another. Globally business leaders who participate in peer groups navigated through challenges such as the 2007 financial crisis more quickly and successfully than those who have gone it alone. The Executive Growth Alliance uniquely applies the power of peers to address local requirements while impacting global systemic issues in areas such as agriculture, transportation, environment, health and industry.”
Leo Bottary
 “In today’s challenging business environment, collaborating with peers dealing with similar challenges has led to breakthrough innovations.”
Ana Haakanson, Director, Schneider Electric
 “The Executive Growth Alliance provides me with inspiration and insights to take action to drive change in my own company – way more than a conference.”
Jon Martin Tajford, CEO, Nimber
 “Through hands-on collaboration with peers to overcome real-world challenges impacting future success, I have gained confidence, a support group and tools that have allowed me to actually innovate.”
Jens Andreas Husbey, Avinor
 “Future-readiness cannot simply be learned through a course or a book. It must be experienced. The Executive Growth Alliance uniquely provides business leaders with proven approach to experiential learning. Through structured peer collaboration on real world cases, true learning takes place – locally and globally”
Thomas Anglero, Innovation Leader, IBM Nordic

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