About Executive Growth Alliance

EGA was founded in Silicon Valley to connect open, committed, brave leaders to future success through shared learning. EGA members collaborate to explore, learn through action and co-create solutions to real world challenges, while developing new opportunities.

During Executive Growth Circles, EGA members with common interests and needs use the proven Power of Peers methodology to:

  • Gain insights from peers with similar needs, interests and goals

  • Challenge one another to explore, think differently and take action

  • Share learning for collective growth

  • Ask questions, revisit challenges and see new perspectives

  • Get solutions to real world business issues

  • Co-create new products, services, value networks

  • Develop global collaborator partnerships and opportunities

  • Take action with accountability partners and peer support

“When I look back over the past year I am amazed at how much I have gained and learned through my work in EGA – way beyond my expectations.”

Oystein Bach , Novartis

“What I joined EGA I had very high expectations and it has exceeded them in all ways.”

Christy Ross, Planted Places

Each EGC is led by a Catalyst, certified in EGA proven peer learning methodology. Prior to each EGC, the catalyst works with one member to prepare the Sac (a Specific Actionable Case ie a challenge or opportunity that member is facing in the real world which is relevant to the other members). During the EGC, the Sac holder brings forward the content, gains perspective, others’ experiences and collaboration partners. All leave with insight and committed actions they can take to implement learning in their own organization.

Recognizing that real growth comes from action EGA methodology provides accountability with all members sharing key learnings from real-world activities in each Exec Growth Circle.

EGA members have transformed business models, adopted open innovation principles, shifted corporate cultures and co-created new solutions.

“Business leaders today have a lot to learn when it comes to business innovation, transformation and scaling. Through EGA Membership, Norwegian mobility providers have gained insights and inspiration to align their organizations with future needs and to develop next-generation digital solutions.”
Trond Hovland, CEO, ITS Norway


Communities of practice, i.e. peers working together to resolve common challenges, have been used to help CEOs of small businesses, first-time managers, diversity groups and public policymakers resolve challenges. Next Step, a global consulting firm based in Silicon Valley has used peer collaboration to accelerate clients’ growth and transformation since the early 2000’s.

EGA was founded in 2017 to apply the proven Power of Peer methodology to a rapidly accelerating challenge: corporate innovation and change within mid to large traditional businesses. To meet the rapidly growing need for new leadership approaches, solutions and alliances for success in a rapidly changing world, EGA has expanded rapidly. Today there are Catalysts in Benelux, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and the UK, along with the US supporting hundreds of global members.

To ensure anytime/anywhere access to Exec Growth Circles and ensure global peer circles, EGA uses Circles, a purpose-built virtual peer-learning environment. All EGA Catalysts who are independent thought leaders and change agents are trained in Circle development and facilitation as part of their 6 month EGA certification process.

EGA Values: Thinking Globally / Acting Locally

Active shared learning – “Be the change you want to see – take action, explore and share with group

Collaboration to deliver in a Built for Purpose environment – financially sustainable with impact and accessibility to all

Integrity, honesty and confidentiality

Equality and diversity in ideas, members, catalysts and actions

Open, committed, brave leadership of oneself, company, industry and global society


EGA Power of Peers methodology is built on the “Community of Practice defined by Etienne Wegner-Trayer as “Bringing together a group of people who share a concern, set of problems or a passion about a topic and who deepen their knowledge and expertise to take action through regular structured interaction.”

EGA Power of Peers leverages the five principles of a highly functioning peer community:

EGA Catalysts

EGA Catalysts who qualify members, prepare and facilitate Exec Growth Circles and provide followup support to members, are selected based on demonstration of an Open Committed Brave attitude, dedication to delivering real results, thought leadership and facilitation and community development skills. Their Certification as an EGA Catalyst includes collaboration with other Catalysts, active learning through co-facilitation and peer feedback. Ultimately, the EGA Catalyst demonstrates future-ready leadership through the building and guiding their group for sustainable success. learning from and collaborating with other EGA Catalysts to build, facilitate and deliver Future-Readiness to members in their groups.

 “Through hands-on collaboration with peers to overcome real-world challenges impacting future success, I have gained confidence, a support group and tools that have allowed me to actually innovate.”
Jens Andreas Husbey, Avinor