The Power of Peers: How EGA Helped a Future CEO to Prepare for New Role

In the fall of 2019, Kristian Sarastuen found himself in an unexpected and challenging situation. One of Norway's most experienced strategic communications advisors with the Oslo office of Burson-Marsteller, a leading worldwide public relations and communications firm, Sarastuen was suddenly and improbably tapped to take on the CEO role. Now known as Burson Cohn & [...]

March 6, 2023|

The 2023 Executive Growth Alliance Schedule is out – this is what’s on the agenda of global leaders

Computer Network, City, Globe - Navigational Equipment, Big Data, Cityscape The unique market drivers and business challenges pertaining to 2022 have further solidified the need for accelerated future readiness for forward-thinking for leaders and organizations alike. Nearly every industry has felt the need to reassess the operating model, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and [...]

October 30, 2022|

The Power of Global Innovation Ecosystems in Practice

The many new challenges facing businesses today may seem daunting, but to someone somewhere they are becoming old hat, having already experienced the quickly changing world of work. That someone may be halfway around the globe, but that shouldn’t stop businesses from tapping their knowledge and insight into how to address common challenges with new [...]

August 30, 2022|

Which Four Bubbles Does Global Peer Collaboration Burst?

Innovation has top of corporate agendas for over a decade – often with limited results despite leadership training programs, the establishment of innovation hubs, joint ventures, and hackathons for inspiration and insight. While companies invested $358 billion in corporate training in 2020, with $3.5 billion going to leadership training and solutions alone, only 21% of executives [...]

August 2, 2022|

4 Reasons for the Employee-Employer Skills Confidence Gap and 5 Companies That Get Employee Learning & Development Right.

Employee learning and development are more important than ever before. According to LinkedIn's recent workplace learning study, 72 percent of respondents agree that it is more strategic today than five years ago. The modern workplace is constantly changing, and employees need to be able to adapt to new technologies, processes, and methods. As a result, [...]

July 28, 2022|

How to thrive in a hyper-connected world as a business leader

We live in a hyper-connected world. Never in our history have people, products, and data been more connected on a global scale than today – allowing access to new markets, ideas, and collaboration partners. However, we’re also experiencing the negative side of ‘hyper-connectedness’– empty shelves, deserted ports, worker shortages, information overload, and rising prices. Today’s [...]

July 16, 2022|

Four Predictions From Experts on What Life 3.0 Will Look Like

Life 3.0 refers to the point in our future when emerging technologies and trends (AI, metaverse, web 3.0, blockchains) will come to dominate our everyday lives, altering fundamentally how we work, interact, engage and learn. Our Lives 3.0 will likely see the blending of our digital/physical realities and the creation of a data economy based [...]

May 18, 2022|

Global Insight into Future Growth

Within the Executive Growth Alliance, peers from US, Europe, Latin America and Africa collaborate to solve Specific Actionable Challenges. At the conclusion of each Executive Growth Circle (EGC), all participants are challenged to commit to action with accountability to apply the insights gained during the EGC. When they reconvene for the next EGC, all will [...]

July 19, 2021|

Executive Growth Alliance Delivers on ROI

Investment in future-ready leadership is essential to a company’s successful growth. Back in 2019, companies allocated $3.5 billion for leadership training, but often employees were not able to apply the concepts taught during the training in their actual workplace. This resulted in wasted investments. How can companies ensure that they receive real returns on leadership [...]

June 24, 2021|